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When our clients want blogs we are always very thorough at explaining how maintaining a blog is truthfully a very time consuming task. Sitting in front of a blank wysiwyg editor, at times, makes us bloggers wonder why we do it. Sometimes I convince myself we do it for the readers but other times, such as this time, I’m convinced I do it for myself. It’s actually a great tool for clients to meet you in a one-to-one way, your own little Continue reading

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All about Twitter

So I probably should have written this back when @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) and @cnnbrk(CNN Breaking News) were having their much publicized race to 1 million followers back in April, but I really wanted the hype to die down before blogging about it and looking like I was just jumping on the bandwagon.
Twitter’s been around for a couple of years now and those of us in the industry have been using it (on and off) since then. Now that the cat is out of the bag and the mainstream’s starting to catch on, I feel like I should mention some of the reasons why it’s becoming so popular and why I use it.

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Critical Mass Effect and Edward Bernays

Public Relations Pioneer and Master

Public Relations Pioneer and nephew of Sigmund Freud

One of the most amazing things in the face of this world, to me, was the life of Edward Bernays. Born the nephew of Sigmund Freud, he would use his uncle’s ideas along with crowd psychology to pioneer his way into the world of public relations. He would tackle problems with the consideration of the behaviour of masses of people. Perhaps the days of Bernays are over and the things he did would be considered appalling today, but certainly there is much insight on grasping the tendencies of a seemingly irrational crowd/society/mass of people.

The biggest crowd I could ever imagine taking form in a relatively practical sense is the internet. Undoubtedly we browse through it individually, yet, the thinks we like, the pages we visit, are completely biased and influenced by other …internauts.

Relating to an actual memory of mine, I remember when a friend told me I should make a profile in a site called ‘myspace’, ‘it’s a place to meet people’ he said. I remember thinking at the moment: ‘ What a Continue reading

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Risky Business

If you’re expecting to read something about Tom Cruise, “tighty whities” or dancing with shades you’re just another victim of a marketing stunt to promote this blog. After internalizing and accepting your weakness for false advertising, it’s time for business.

Today’s demographics are way more diverse and extended than the usual; gender, age and economic status. Our market is full of different niches, which divide into sub niches, groups and cliques. Most people  see this as a problem while others see it as an opportunity, which translate into different ways of advertising products and the creation of new products.

I once heard a celebrated ad-teacher say, the creative process of an agency stops when the rules and regulations of the FCC start. Continue reading

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We have previously documented the death of websites in fixthepixel but when it happens close to home the wound feels much deeper. A couple of months ago we published a post on an up and coming news site for mac users, at the time we were very happy for the initiative.

As time went by, the site suffered from a very well documented “twit-vil war”. After all hell broke loose and personalities were irreparably tainted, a new blog emerged this blog post hopes to Continue reading

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My month with Bing

Last May Ballmer announced a new rebranding for Microsoft’s search engine. What was once MSN Search and Windows Live, is now Bing. Probably named for the availability for purchase of the non-offensive, semi-sensical, 4 letter domain, Bing is a lot more than just a mere marketing move. Last month I took it upon myself to give this new search initiative a fair chance by using it for a month straight. Here’s my findings.

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New ad-guy in town…

Trying to come up with a good and professional way to introduce myself, I noticed that there’s a lot of ground to cover in my formation as an ad professional. My name is Alan Taveras, I’m about to start  my last year of college at Sagrado Corazón, my major is advertising. This is my second week as an ad consultant, here at ML studio, and let me tell you I learned more in a week than I did last semester. People always talk about the difference in theory and practice, but man this takes the ball out of the park. In no way do I discredit all my professors and their efforts but there’s a big need for change in the formation of an ad professionals, at least in the use of the web as a medium. All their efforts and time concentrates in the traditional ways of the ad agency. Those good old days where a 15% of the media buy was the revenue. When TV, radio and newspaper where the only things you needed to sell your product, the golden days in advertising. Right now I’m in that paradox, I’ve got almost all the skills to be successful in an ad agency in the 1970’s but I will be graduating in 2010. Continue reading

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