New ad-guy in town…

Trying to come up with a good and professional way to introduce myself, I noticed that there’s a lot of ground to cover in my formation as an ad professional. My name is Alan Taveras, I’m about to start  my last year of college at Sagrado Corazón, my major is advertising. This is my second week as an ad consultant, here at ML studio, and let me tell you I learned more in a week than I did last semester. People always talk about the difference in theory and practice, but man this takes the ball out of the park. In no way do I discredit all my professors and their efforts but there’s a big need for change in the formation of an ad professionals, at least in the use of the web as a medium. All their efforts and time concentrates in the traditional ways of the ad agency. Those good old days where a 15% of the media buy was the revenue. When TV, radio and newspaper where the only things you needed to sell your product, the golden days in advertising. Right now I’m in that paradox, I’ve got almost all the skills to be successful in an ad agency in the 1970’s but I will be graduating in 2010.

Here in just a week, I learned of all the possibilities that the internet has to offer. This is the most dynamic medium out there without a doubt. In its never-ending evolution, the web offers marketing and ad executives measurable, innovative and relatively cheap solutions for this modern and volatile market.  From reaching and knowing your target market; with networks like Facebook and Twitter, to literally doing whole campaigns and making your product move out of the shelf, the perfect example being, the controversially creepy Burger King “King”, which was so successful that it became it’s main campaign after running online. The world wide web is replacing ratings and CPM with CPC’s and Cost per leads, which are more inexpensive due the need of user interaction before a client has to put up a single dime.

In conclusion, there is much change to be made. Nowadays people are spending less time in front a television set and buying newspapers because all past media now are all mixed and mashed together in this thing we spend most of our time surfing. The Internet.

Wow, first blog post ever in my life. Lets make this happen.

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One Response to New ad-guy in town…

  1. Angie says:

    Estoy bien orgullosa de ti. Eres super, fantastico a genius. I love you too much. Pero quiero saber tu segundo apellido????

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