YoSoyApple.com – The revolution was tweeted

We have previously documented the death of websites in fixthepixel but when it happens close to home the wound feels much deeper. A couple of months ago we published a post on an up and coming news site for mac users, at the time we were very happy for the initiative.

As time went by, the site suffered from a very well documented “twit-vil war”. After all hell broke loose and personalities were irreparably tainted, a new blog emerged yosoyapple.com this blog post hopes to organize the mayhem for users that really liked the content from macuserboricua.com before the chaos and offer a review on the new site.

Review for yosoyapple.com

Yo Soy Aplle Screenshot

Yo Soy Apple Screenshot

The site design is fun and glossy, the posts are diligently frequent and the content is the best you might find on the topic for the local blogosphere, it might be time however to get rid of the bright red of the revolution. As a PC user that just recently made his first hackintosh

OSX Leopard on a Compaq Presario

OSX Leopard on a Compaq Presario

, I regularly visit the site for guidance and suggest others to subscribe to its RSS feed.

The writers are very willing to help their users with any apple related information and at times design information as well. They now can do so to a broader audience; upon launch they started a new web channel of the sorts, it is really a livestream version of a local radio show and some added micro channels from the writer’s qik accounts. It’d be really cool to see this grow into an official podcast.

On the negative side, the site is slooow; made by designers and in a godaddy server, getting your content will take a couple of seconds on a broadband connection. But that is the only downside we have found for now.

The writers are the usual suspects, you will find them in twitter as @tane883, @coreanomac, @hrodriguezpr I suggest you follow them to get an insight on mac news from a local perspective.

More Content on the Subject

Best resource for iPhone tinkering

Best resource for iPhone tinkering

You might notice that not all writers from the former site have gone into the new one but you can still reach them at their personal projects. Some are still being brewed like @WrSantiago ‘s WebDevelopr but you can certainly find @esmandau ‘s iPhone page with his usual up to date information and now with a very complete design.

iPhonefanatic.net is the best resource for iPhone users out there looking to get a bit more action from their device. I am looking forward to blog about both of them, in the meantime please post any comments you might have regarding these sites. Many things have been left unsaid regarding the new offerings from each, but what has been published shows a very bright future.

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3 Responses to YoSoyApple.com – The revolution was tweeted

  1. tane says:

    just nice!!!!!😄 thnx for the post, we r looking foward to improve that downside… the plug-ins from wordpress dont help much :S…. anyways…

    I really like the way u write about any stuff…😉 K.I.S (keep it simple)

    anything u need from us, just Tweet😉
    love from YoSoyApple.com

  2. hrodriguezpr says:

    I just like to mention other members of YoSoyApple.com that are really the ones behind the concept.


    I’m proud to be part of such a great team….

    Thanks for the post…

  3. COREANOMAC says:

    Interesting Post.. I like it!


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